About Vibrant Wellbeing

At a young age I became interested in wanting to support and help others wherever possible. Helping others to take strides to achieve their potential soon became a vocation and I decided to become a social worker. I completed my degree and started work in the social work industry.

Along the way I ran into some personal hurdles of my own and sought out hypnotherapists to help when needed. This inspired me to find out more about alternative therapies that soon became of great interest to me. During this time I came across Access Bars. I was open to the concepts of Access Bars and decided to have my first session. I have never looked back, this started a journey of awakening and change for myself.

I trained to become a hypnotherapist and set off on my own journey, I became aware of the power of my own abilities and achieved more than I could have ever hoped for. I decided to qualify in Access Bars, as this is where I feel it all began for me. With this knowledge, it allows me to share this journey with others. I felt it was time to step away from social work and build on my skills to allow others the opportunity to go through their own journey of realisation and awakening.

Since then I have continued to explore other aspects of spiritual awakening and qualified in Angelic Reiki, a new found passion of mine, this universe and many others continuing to amaze me. A journey of realisation, awakening, awareness and fun that I hope to continue to share with others.

Holly Cragg  

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Angelic Reiki

  • Access Bars

  • Thought Field Therapy