• Hypnotherapy

  • Creative Hypnotherapy that is tailored to the individual, no scripts
  • Spiritual and past life work
  • Can be used in any aspect of life involving change
  • Angelic Reiki

  • Healing energy therapy
  • Energy is channelled from the Angelic Kingdom of light
  • Can be used for any physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual need, the angels energy will be channelled where needed
  • Access Bars

  • Can be used to promote change in all aspects of your life
  • Clearing statements are used to remove barriers that are preventing change
  • At worst you will feel like you’ve had a great massage and at best it could change your life!
  • Thought Field Therapy

  • Energy based healing that uses tapping on specific points on the upper body
  • A specific algorithm of tapping is used for the issue you want to work on
  • Easy and simple
  • Can be effective in just one session
  • Can be used for phobias, addictive urges, anxiety and many other issues

Welcome to Vibrant Wellbeing

Hynotherapy, Angelic Reiki & Access Bars based in Kendal, Cumbria

Is it your time to make changes in your life? Creative Hypnotherapy is a non-scripted, client led therapy that allows the subconscious mind to make the changes that are needed. It can be used for anything from weight loss to phobias. Trust in the power of your own mind and achieve that which you never thought possible. See Products for information.

Angelic Reiki is an energy healing therapy taking its energy from the Angelic Kingdom of light. During the session the healer will channel the energy from the kingdom and act as a bridge, allowing the energy to be passed to the client. The healer facilitates the session however does not need to be concerned with the hand positions as the Angels take care of the process itself.

Access Bars is a new alternative therapy that is growing in popularity in the UK. It is an energy based therapy which promotes positive change in all aspects of life. It allows the client to become open to changes and choice by living in a question, rather than having limitations that are set by answers. See Products for further details of this new therapy.

Vibrant Therapies was created to promote well being on a deeper level. I came to realise that it is no good feeling good on the outside if you do not feel good on the inside.  Isn’t it time to put your own well being first?

Offering a range of therapies which are client led became my passion, promoting well being on an emotional and spiritual level. My holistic service is here to give you what you need to feel good about you. Prioritise you and allow yourself to take positive steps…

I look forward to hearing from you

Holly Cragg